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Online surgery

The British Lung Foundation's 'online surgeries' or 'webinars' are offered free and exclusively to members of the BLF. They represent unique opportunities for you to ask questions of lung experts as well the chance to view informative presentations.

Online surgery schedule 2012

The next webinar will be in April.

What is a webinar/online surgery?

A webinar is an online presentation that you can watch and listen to from the comfort of your own computer. During the presentation you can email/message questions which the presenter may answer at the time or once they have finished presenting.

Click on the links on the right hand side of the page to listen/watch a previous recording.

How to take part

You will need to register for the event. Places may be limited so the earlier you can do this the better.

As the service is a members benefit you will need your membership number ready when you sign-up. If you have recently joined and not yet received your membership pack, you will need to for a temporary password.

Once you have set up a webinar account and your application approved, you will be able to join the webinar a few minutes before it starts. You can then watch and hear (remembering to switch on your speakers or headphones!) the presentation on your computer at home and ask any questions you may have.

Previous webinars

Supporting someone with a lung condition
BLF Helpline Specialist Adviser Jo Newton's surgery was for anyone who gives unpaid, voluntary support to a person living with lung disease, including friends, family and partners.
Watch online here

Exercising with a lung condition
31 January 2012
Julia Bott Consultant Physiotherapist and Team Leader for Surrey Community Health NW Respiratory Care Team discussed the practicalities of exercising with a lung condition.
Playback webinar here

19 December 2011 at 6:30pm
Dr John Moore-Gillon, a respiratory physician at St. Barts and the Royal London Hospitals and an Honorary Medical Director of the BLF will be discussing pneumonia.
Playback webinar here

Oxygen treatment
28 November 2011 at 6.30pm
Glenda Esmond, Nurse Consultant Respiratory Medicine, will discuss the use of oxygen for people with respiratory disease.
(Due to a technical difficulty there is no audio available for this webinar)
Download the presentation here.

Going on holiday with a lung condition
23 August at 6:30pm (39 minutes duration)
Mark Pilling, Advice Service Manager for the BLF Helpline, discusses issues including air travel and travel insurance. Powerpoint presentation here. (there was a technical issue with this during the webinar).
Playback webinar here.

Obstructive sleep apnoea (OSA) 19 July 2011

Stephen Spiro is a Professor of Respiratory Medicine and was Head of Department at University College London Hospitals until retiring from the NHS in December 2008.
Playback webinar here

Asthma. 23 June 2011
Dr Philip W Ind, Honorary Senior Lecturer, National Heart & Lung Institute (23 June 2011
Playback webinar here

Ask your pharmacist. 10 May 2011 Leyla Hannbeck, Head of Information at the National Pharmacy Association (NPA), presented on how community pharmacists can help those with respiratory diseases.
Playback webinar here

Common chest problems in children. 6th April 2011
Professor Warren Lenney - due to problems with the recording, this is only available as a Powerpoint document - here

Online surgeries and the Information Standard

The British Lung Foundation’s online surgeries are presented by a named and trusted individual on behalf of the BLF. For this reason, and because of the ‘live’ nature of the content, they are not included in the scope of the BLF’s Information Standard certification. However, online surgeries are produced following the principles of the Information Standard. The surgeries are relevant to patients and carers, based on the most up to date information and evidence, and are presented by experts. For more information about the Information Standard and the BLF’s online surgeries, please contact us.

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