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Your Personal Best

See how Margaret from BLF Wales does her personal best to keep up her physical activity and exercise:

For many people with chronic lung disease, exercising can seem daunting. However, gentle exercise in a safe environment can improve your ability to control your breathlessness, improve confidence levels and help you rediscover activities you could no longer do.

If you want to become more active this year like Margaret in the video, there are a number of ways you can exercise safely.

The best way to exercise safely is through a Pulmonary Rehabilitation
programme, followed by safe maintenance exercise with a specialist instructor.

Your Personal Best

your personal bestYour Personal Best is a national awareness campaign developed and funded by GlaxoSmithKline, official laboratory services provider for London 2012, in association with NHS London and supported by the British Lung Foundation. Its aim is to inspire the 7.78 million people over 55 with long term health conditions to lead a more active lifestyle thereby making a significant difference to their health, wellbeing and symptoms.

Why not achieve Your Personal Best by using the information, resources and Q&As with healthcare professionals at

There are also other ways to exercise. By attending classes in your local community, finding local walks or doing home-based exercise. Just remember to always consult your healthcare professional beforehand.

Exercise Webinar

Access the webinar on 'Physical activity and exercise with a lung condition' held on Tuesday 31st January, with expert host Julia Bott to find out more about how you can safely increase your physical activity and exercise to achieve your personal best.