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Children and parents

Breathing problems are extremely common in children – they are the main reason the under fives go to see their GP. There are many children who have serious lung conditions.

We aim to support parents in the following ways:

Information about lung conditions that affect children

Parent support

We have a paediatric respiratory nurse on our helpline (03000 030 555). She is there to answer questions and give advice on children’s breathing and lungs. You can ask questions by email if you prefer, using the contact us link on the left of the page. More information on children’s lung disease.

Welfare benefits advice

Many parents who have a child with a chronic lung condition are no longer able to work, even if they want to, or may have to reduce their hours at work. There are various welfare benefits available to parents, but they need to know what they are entitled to. Many parents don’t, and the BLUFF Helpline is well placed to advise on what parents caring for a child are entitled to claim. Sometimes people are reluctant to claim extra welfare benefits, which they might consider to be a handout or may simply not be aware of the different benefits that are available. The British Lung Foundation is very keen that everyone is at least aware of the benefits they can claim.

Having access to extra money can make such a big difference to a family’s quality of life. Our Specialist advisers talk to people about what they are entitled to claim, and try and take away any stigma around claiming benefits. Our advisers are also able to offer advice to anyone who has made a claim for a benefit but been refused.Depending on individual circumstances, parents may be entitled to claim for Disability Living Allowance, Carers Allowance and top up benefits such as Housing and Council Tax Benefits etc. Our specialist advisers can help make these different benefits - which can sometimes seem bewildering - easier to understand.

Emotional support

We also have a counselling service on our helpline (03000 030 555). Looking after a child who has a serious lung condition can be a hard and lonely experience. Our counsellor can provide emotional support and practical help and advice. You may also want to get in touch with parents in a similar situation by joining our PenPals scheme.

We will be developing much more in the way of online support for parents later this year. Please keep in touch.

Parent survey

Please give us your feedback on the information about children’s lung conditions on this website - parent survey here.