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Breathe Easy

Breathe Easy is free to join and provides access to our information leaflets and booklets. The network has 22,000 supporters and over 130 patient support groups. Breathe Easy has become an integral part of the support and care that patients receive. It has also grown into a powerful campaigning force for change - through the work of patients. The British Lung Foundation has a dedicated team to support and work with the Breathe Easy network across the UK.

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A brief history of Breathe Easy

Breathe Easy began in 1991 and was the aspiration of Trevor Clay, the first male General Secretary of the Royal College of Nursing and a BLF Trustee. Trevor was very aware of how isolating it could be to live with a lung condition as he himself had emphysema. He recognised the need for patients to come together for mutual support and advice, as well as the importance of patients and family/carers receiving information on lung health so that they would be better able to help themselves.

Trevor felt passionately that people should 'live with their lung condition' and not 'suffer from it.' To this end the Breathe Easy magazine was developed, providing information and news about lung health (this has since been replaced by Breathing Space magazine). The Breathe Easy patient groups followed, allowing people to come together to share experiences and support each other. Trevor died in 1995 but his legacy of Breathe Easy continues to grow and help thousands of people live with their lung condition every day.


Joining Breathe Easy

Breathe Easy is free to join and provides access to information leaflets and booklets on lung health, as well as a Pen-Pal scheme, and access to the Breathe Easy patient support groups.

Find out more about Breathe Easy and how you can join.


Breathe Easy groups

There are currently over 130 Breathe Easy support groups throughout the UK that are run by patients, for patients. Most groups have a dedicated health professional who provides help and advice. Groups vary in size and activity with some having between 10-20 members, others as many as 500. Groups provide a friendly atmosphere for people to meet and talk, find out more about their lung condition, participate in awareness events, campaigning, fundraising, and social outings.


Breathe Easy Pen-Pals

The Breathe Easy Pen-Pal scheme puts people in touch in order to share experiences of living with a lung condition and for friendship. The scheme provides a unique opportunity for contact between people with a similar lung condition who would otherwise not be able to meet each other.

Find out more about the Breathe Easy Pen-Pal Scheme and how to join.


Starting a Breathe Easy group

All new Breathe Easy groups are started in partnership between health professionals and their patients. Although groups are run by patients for patients, the health professional plays a key role in helping to get the group established and works closely with its members to ensure the group grows and develops.

To find out how to set up a new Breathe Easy group.


Breathe Easy Campaigning

Breathe Easy supporters across the UK take part in many campaigning events to raise awareness of the BLF and to improve health services for all people with a lung condition. The voice of the patient has been particularly successful in raising local and national awareness of repiratory disease and the issues that affect people's daily lives.

Find out more about campaigning and how you can make a difference.


We also support parents and carers looking after young children with recurring chesty problems. Some have a diagnosed lung condition, others donít Ė we are here for everyone. If you would like more information on how we can support your family please get in touch.


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