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Special Reports

The British Lung Foundation has produced a number of special reports that you can download below:

Lost lives

Lost Lives PDF

Lost Lives - the UK's lung cancer epidemic. A BLF report mapping the lung cancer epidemic across the UK, comparing incidence rates and survival rates.

ready for home

Ready for Home

Improving hospital discharge care for people living with COPD. A report by the British Lung Foundation and the British Thoracic Society. (Published December 2010)

changing lives

25 Years of Research

Exploring the research activities the BLF has been involved with over the last 25 years. (Published 2010)

invisible lives

Invisible Lives

This report is an important step for the British Lung Foundation task of drawing public attention to the issue of lung disease. (Published November 2007)
an unnatural death

An unnatural death

Investigations into mesothelioma death and their impact on bereaved families. (Published February 2007)

lost in translation

Lost in translation

A BLF survey that reveals the communication barriers between healthcare professionals and people with COPD. (Published July 2006)

femme fatality

Femme Fatality

Exploring the research activities the BLF has been involved with over the last 20 years. (Published 2005)

lung report iii

Lung Report III

This report takes a wide-ranging look at the nation's respiratory health and highlights facts about lung disease and the toll it takes on patients. (Published September 2003)

a smoking gun

Cannabis - A Smoking Gun?

This report looks into the effects of smoking cannabis on the lungs. (Published November 2002)

pulmonary rehabilitation

The Pulmonary Rehabilitation Survey

Carried out in conjunction with the British Thoracic Society, this report shows which hospitals in the UK offer this vital service. (Published 2002)