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BLF thrilled that BMA doctors back legislation change

29 June 2011

The British Lung Foundation (BLF) is excited to hear that doctors' leaders have called for tougher controls on cigarettes.

The British Medical Association (BMA) voted today in favour of legislation to end smoking while driving with BMA members hoping that along with the BLF, the organisations will now use their "influential" position to persuade the UK Government and its counterparts in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland to pass new tobacco laws.

The leading doctors insist the measures, if implemented, would improve the nation's health as well as saving the NHS money.

Over 300,000 children in the UK present passive smoking related illnesses to their GP every year1 and it is estimated that it costs £9.7 million per annum in UK primary care visits and £12.1 million per annum in hospital admission in England2.

The BLF has been campaigning for the legislation change since June 2010 and has received overwhelming support from parents, children and leading paediatricians. Last week, Alex Cunningham MP successfully tabled a Ten Minute Rule Bill which is the next step in bringing forward this legislation.

In response to the overwhelming support from doctors at the BMA conference, Miranda Watson, BLF Director of Communications said:

“Doctors are on the front-line when it comes to dealing with the impact of passive smoking on children. We’re thrilled the BMA is supporting the BLF’s campaign to end smoking in cars carrying children. With doctors backing our campaign, the Government can’t afford to stall.”


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1,2 Passive Smoking and Children, Royal College of Physicians, March 2010