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BLF joins leading health and social care charities calling for patient-centred services

19 April 2012

Today, the Richmond Group (a coalition of the nation’s ten leading health and social care charities) published ‘From Vision to Action’, calling for the Government and new NHS Commissioning Board to take the views of patients are taken into account when delivering care in the redesigned NHS.

In support of the report, Dame Helena Shovelton, Chief Executive of the British Lung Foundation (one of the ten Richmond Group charities), commented:

“Amid all the debate around the NHS reforms, we need to remember that most patients don’t think in terms of treatment pathways or commissioning arrangements. What matters to them is the quality of care they receive and that their views are heard.

“If patients aren’t put at the heart of the NHS in the ways outlined in this report, the risk is that all the time, energy and money spent reforming the NHS won’t actually yield any noticeable improvements in terms of what patients experience.”


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The ten charities represented by the Richmond Group are; Age UK, Asthma UK, Breakthrough Breast Cancer, British Heart Foundation, British Lung Foundation, Diabetes UK, Macmillan, Neurological Alliance, Rethink, and the Stroke Association.

Read the full report