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BLF commends the Government’s campaign to protect children from passive smoke

31 March 2012

The British Lung Foundation (BLF) is thrilled that the Government launched its campaign to prevent children being exposed to second-hand smoke.

This comes after nearly two years of campaigning by the BLF for the Government to take action and protect children from the harmful effects of cigarette smoke in the car.

New TV and radio adverts will show that smoking by a window or the backdoor is not enough to protect children from second-hand smoke. The adverts explain that over 80 per cent of second-hand smoke is invisible and contains harmful cancer causing toxins and poisons that are unknowingly damaging children across the country every day.

Dame Helena Shovelton, Chief Executive for the British Lung Foundation said:

“We are thrilled that after two years of campaigning, the Government is taking steps to reduce the number of children exposed to second-hand smoke, particularly in the car.

“Previous experience from Canada shows that behaviour change along with legislation is the most effective way of protecting the highest number of children from second-hand smoke exposure. We look forward to seeing the results of the campaign and working with the Government if significant behaviour change hasn’t been achieved.”


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