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The burden of lung disease in the workplace

Respiratory illness results in at least 24.9 million days of certified incapacity Skanska WPannually with associated production losses of £1.73 billion.

Exposure to a substance encountered at work can have an adverse effect on health, there are specific obligations under health and safety laws for employers, and those working for them, to prevent - or, if that is not possible, then properly control that exposure. Access to workplace spirometry in the UK is variable and there is no data currently assessing this provision.

As part of the National Clinical Strategy for COPD recently out for consultation in England, the Department of Health will take action to promote the use of spirometry in at risk workplaces integrated into occupational health services, improving the prevention and early identification of occupational risk to lung health.

As of August 2011, we have run 18 workplace events, we've tested 1610 people and we've referred 155 people to their GP with a low lung function.

Find out more about lung conditions and diseases. If you would like more information about workplace testing, please contact BLF Services.