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Healthcare providers

The BLF welcomes the announcement of An Outcomes Strategy for Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) and Asthma.

As the strategy is implemented, heathcare providers will be monitored by how effectively they respond to this chronic respiratory condition.

To help healthcare providers meet this challenge, the British Lung Foundation has built on 25 years of experience and set up BLF Services Ltd.

The strategy has 6 objectives, some of which our products and services can help you achieve:

Objective 1: To improve the respiratory health and well-being of all communities and to minimise inequalities between communities.

Objective 2: To reduce the number of people who develop COPD by ensuring they are aware of the importance of good lung health and wellbeing, with risk factors understood, avoided or minimised, and pro-actively address health inequalities.

A: As well as our awareness-raising events, our publications provide comprehensive information and our helpline is available to support patients and carers.

Objective 3: To reduce the number of people with COPD who die prematurely through a proactive approach to early identification, diagnosis and intervention, proactive care and management at all stages of the disease, with a particular focus on the disadvantaged groups and areas with high prevalence.

A: Our Love Your Lungs awareness campaigns get important information to people in hard-to-reach areas. We work alongside PCTs to deliver integrated campaigns raising awaresness of the risk factors and symptoms of COPD.

Objective 4: To enhance quality of life for people with COPD, across all social groups, with a positive, enabling, experience of care and support right through to the end of life.

Objective 5: To ensure that people with COPD, across all social groups, receive safe and effective care, which minimises progression, enhances recovery, and promotes independence.

A: We produce a COPD Self-management Pack to help patients manage and understand their COPD. This pack is formed of two parts, the self-management plan and the patient records, both aimed at helping people to live with COPD. This pack also provides useful contact details, as well as information on Breathe Easy Support Groups where patients, their families and carers can get together for support and information.

We encourage exercise in patients with COPD and we produce an exercise handbook that is designed to be used with a healthcare professional for the patient to be able to understand the benefits of exercise and maintain any pulmonary rehabilitation they have at home.

Objective 6: To ensure that people with asthma, across all social groups, are free of symptoms because of prompt and accurate diagnosis, shared decision making regarding treatment, and ongoing support as they self manage their own condition and to reduce need for unscheduled health care and risk of death.

A: Our information and leaflets are available in a wide range of languages and are written using nonmedical terminology. Our leaflets and information are free. Please visit the publications section of the website for more information.

With BLF Services at their side, healthcare providers can be confident of delivering top quality respiratory services and crucially, raising awareness of lung health across all communities.

To find out how BLF Services Ltd can further help you meet the requirements of An Outcomes Strategy for Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) and Asthma in England, click on the links below or contact us.

COPD campaignsCOPD campaigns
Love your Lungs campaigns aim to raise awareness of COPD
Self Management PlansSelf-management Packs

Offered for sale to healthcare providers

Exercise diaryExercise Handbook
Allow a patient to create a record of their level of fitness

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